Off the Wall
A New Backboard-Infused Way to Tackle Hawthorne No. 6

Golden Tee, in many ways, is built on creativity. There are many ways to execute a simple shot. There are even more ways to execute a complicated shot. This is what makes the game great—the paths we never thought were possible.

That brings us to Hawthorne Manor Hole 6—a creation that can be tamed in a handful of ways. You can go around the trees left, around the trees right, use a high tee, bite, backspin or no spin at all. There are many ways to tackle this hole that are dependent on pin location.

But, as it turns out, there is another way. For those looking to take a more, well, scenic route, you now have the option of taking advantage of an unexpected launching pad.

Do you need to hit your golf ball on the wall here? No. You can pretty much hit the green without it under any circumstances—even though some will be taxing.

Should you by all means try it? You bet. We are still waiting to see this shot go into the hole so we can crown it appropriately. Pull this off, and you’ll be a Golden Tee legend. (What you have always wanted, I am sure.)


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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