• SALE: Halfway Home
    Get Online and $500 Off All Golden Tee Home Edition Purchases Through the Month of March
  • St. Paddy’s Apparel
    Did You Unlock the Green Beer Headwear For Your Golfer Yet? If Not, Here’s How
  • A Golden Addition
    A Cup Holder on a Golden Tee? Oh, Twitter, You Have All the Answers
  • Tips From the Design-a-Hole Master
    Need Help Coming Up With Your Dream Golden Tee Creation? You’ve Come to the Right Place
  • YouTube Greatness
    A few Lengthy Holes-in-One and Some Ridiculous Bounces Highlight This Week’s Feature
  • PowerPutt LIVE 2013 is Shipping Now!
    Look For the Latest and Greatest Mini-Golfer to Surface This Week!
  • Go Beer or Go Home
    The Latest Golden Tee Giveaway Item is LIVE, and it Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day
  • Aaaaaaand We're Off!
    Get Your Dream Hole Design in Golden Tee 2014!
  • BIGGEST. Sale. Yet.
    Go Online and Get $500 Off all GT Home Edition Purchases Throughout March
  • The 2014 Design-a-Hole Contest
    Get Your Dream Golf Hole in the Game and Win a Golden Tee Home Edition
  • Putting on a Show
    A New Era of Shots of the Week is Upon Us Thanks to This Edition’s No. 1
  • The World’s Friendliest Bunker
    How Can You Possibly Tame the Challenging Coconut 17th? Well, like So
  • More Reasons to Get Connected
    The GT Home Edition is Going Online and We’re Slashing the Price to Celebrate
  • Coming Next Week: Design-a-Hole 2014
    A Look at Last Year's Winner and How We’re Taking the Grand Prize up a Notch
  • Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
    The Latest Edition of Shots of the Week Features the Finest Collection of GT Efforts to Date
  • Putt For Dough
    Tired of Only Seeing Amazing Holes-in-One? If So, You’ll Enjoy This
  • It’s Back!
    The Golden Tee Design-a-Hole Returns, Which Means It's Time to Start Planning
  • On Point
    Evan Gossett Sets a New Golden Tee LIVE Great Shot Point Record
  • The 2013 Wisconsin Open
    Must-See GT, and a March Madness Experience Unlike any Other
  • A Path to Perfection
    Hole 10 at Sequoia is the Latest Design to Get the Hole-in-One Treatment
  • The Shots Heard ‘Round the Interwebs
    Sequoia Domination and Other Outstanding Efforts Highlighted This Week
  • Creative Adaptation
    A Shot on Coconut Beach You’ll Want to Watch Again and Again
  • Play Like a Pro
    Thanks to Power Events, Watch Some of the Game’s Best Dominate GT 2013
  • Trackball Valentine
    A Special V-Day Giveaway Code Reminder to Celebrate the Occasion
  • Get Yourself Connected
    The Golden Tee Home Edition is Going Online, and Here’s What You Need to Know
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