The Home Stretch
2014, Updates, Awesome Draw Winners and More—an Exciting Time for the GT Home Edition

2014 is inching closer to the Golden Tee Home Edition, and as the latest and greatest in the world of Golden Tee goes through its final preparations before hitting man caves everywhere, not is the time to bring the game to you (if you haven’t already).

Five new courses, online play (complete with stat tracking and Glory Play contests), high-performance clubs, balls and tees, YouTube uploads and more are available on your game. And, new to 2014, the game can now be enjoyed in 1080p HD! Trust us, the difference is remarkable.

2014 is set to begin shipping in early November, but don’t wait until then. Contact us with any questions you might have or to place your order and get your game ASAP. For information on price, subscription options, features and more, visit

And that’s not all.

Do you already own a Golden Tee Home Edition? Perhaps you have reasons to celebrate.

We recently announced our Awesome Draw winners, and the top 10 home owners are walking away winners.

Congrats to those listed below.

1st - Free 2014 Golden Tee Home Edition Update –George Fuller (Florida)

2nd -$200 Gift Card - Keith Chinn (Ohio)

3rd - $100 off 2014 update - Brad Steinbring (Minnesota)

4th - $100 off 2014 update - Coby Turner (Texas)

5th - $100 off 2014 update - Tom Hudson (Mississippi)

6th - $50 Gift Card - Brent Edson (Virginia)

7th - $50 Gift Card - Bill Briggs (Kansas)

8th - $50 Gift Card - Shane Peck (Arizona)

9th - GT LIVE T-Shirt and Sleeve of GT Golf Balls - Troy Moody (Colorado)

10th - GT LIVE T-Shirt - Wiley Mooneyhan (Indiana)

Looking to claim your prize? Contact us and we’ll make it so.

Looking to get your game and all the excitement—and potential giveaways—that come with it? Not to mention Golden Tee 2014.

Contact us for more!

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