The Latest Halloween Giveaway Code is LIVE in Golden Tee 2014

Are you looking for a costume for a certain October holiday? Chances are the answer is yes.

While we can’t help you directly on this front, we can give your Golden Tee golfer the perfect head gear for the next few weeks.

Say hello to the first Giveaway Code of Golden Tee 2014. NO, DON'T RUN. IT'S COOL.

Yes, the Frankenstein head gear can be all yours. And yes, you need this.

To unlock it simply hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in 30B0002013 (those are zeroes BTW) and you will receive this Frankenstein head. You can throw on the new item by accessing by checking out your available headgear in the options menu.

Enjoy the headgear, and stay tuned to for more new Giveaway Codes!

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