Finding an Approach
Examining The Various Paths Taken on the Greek Hills 15th

The Greek Hills 15th is perhaps the most intriguing par-5 in GT 2014.

There is risk, there can be reward and there are also multiple ways to tackle this design as seen by the fascinating array of Golden Tee Great Shots being uploaded.

An eagle here will have to be earned, and avoiding the water and hitting the green with your second shot is no guarantee. The green is massive, which mean a solid putt might be required to seal the deal. But before we get to the putting part, what about getting on the green in two?

There’s the good ol’ fashion way to approach this hole: Bend it around the giant obstruction—traveling over the water—and hope your spin kicks in when your ball hits the green. It’s straight forward, it works just fine, but it can be a difficult shot depending on wind, pin and placement of your tee shot.

There are other ways, though.

Forget about going over the water, what about using this liquid to forward your progress? The always popular skip appears to be an option—at least with the driver—if you’re feeling creative, daring and looking for options.

And no, that’s not all. There is another way.

Going over the obstruction also has been done, and it will require a fairway wood of some kind (likely a 4 or 5-wood) to make this possible. It won’t be a clean shot over it all, but the skip should get you on or close to the green.

Results may vary depending on both pin placement and wind, but the option is real. As seen here.

What’s the best way to attack this hole? That likely depends on your comfort level with each shot and your setup for that particular round. All of these attempts are worth a shot, however.

Well, unless you’re content with laying up and playing for birdie. And hey, there are much worse results than this.

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