Let’s Do That Again
Jeff Sutyak Liked the Shot So Much He Decided to Do it Again

It had only been done once, by one person. Now it’s been done twice. By one person.

Hole 5 on Highland Links has been aced a handful of times. With the right wind, equipment and setup, players can reach the green—and sometimes—do more than that.

Typically, however, the paths are defined. You can hit a big, distance-enhancing cut to go around (or over) the bunker. But as we’ve also seen, you can also use that bunker as a prop of sorts.

Ohio’s Jeff Sutyak found this out back in January, hitting a shot that earned the spotlight treatment in ‘Shots of the Week.’

Nearly five months later, “LET BE ROCK” has done it again. He has aced the same hole in almost the exact same way, a shot he appears to have mastered.

It’s downright odd how close the two are, although this second, latest attempt appears to have a bit more hop.

Let’s assume the third will be coming soon (by one person, of course).

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