Classic Course of the Week Voting!
Pick Where You Want to Play! Day 1 of Voting is Here

Classic Course of the Week is back, and like last year, we need your help deciding what courses you’ll be playing in the coming months before the launch of Golden Tee 2015.

We’ll get to the details of the 12-week extravaganza shortly, although the basic concept remains the same: for three months you will be able to test your luck on some of the vintage GT creations from week to week. In order to figure out what those creations are, however, we’re allowing you to vote on where you’d like to play.

Over the next three days, we need your help. We need to pick 12 courses out of the vast amount of options, and to do so, we’re asking you to vote on what you’d like to play.

Instead of going by year like last summer’s contest, we’re breaking things down alphabetically and in various heats. We will select four courses out of the courses highlighted today and you have two votes.

Help us decide what courses we will pick!

Visit and cast your votes! Winners will be announced tomorrow and then another survey will open!

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