Party in the Park
Classic Course of the Week is Off to Laurel Park

The big score is there; it simply comes down to putting it all together.

If you played Laurel Park, you know this well. The Golden Tee 2011 creation can be conquered. It can also do its fair share of conquering on difficult setups.

Well, regardless of who’s doing the conquering this time around, we’re heading back to Eiffel Tower thanks to Classic Course of the Week.

This summer, trackballers have the chance to compete on 12 vintage GT creations. Between Monday and Sunday of each week, players can play the featured classic course and have a chance to take home FREE Golden Tees and bar bragging rights.

It’s simple, really. Your best score on that course throughout the weeks counts. You can play as many games as you’d like during this time, but only your top course will be featured on the online leaderboard. The leaderboard will update twice a day, once early morning and once early evening.

To access Classic Courses, simply select Glory or Stats play, scroll to the course for this week and play. As long as your game is LIVE—and you’re using your golfer to keep track of stats—the game will show up at

As for the prizes, the Golden Tee payouts for each contest is as follows:

1st: 250

2nd: 150

3rd: 100

4th: 75

5th: 50

6th-20th: 30

21st-50th: 20

51st-100th: 15

101st-200th: 10

201st-300th: 5

On Sunday night, the contest will close and a new contest will open. By the time we get through all 12 courses, Golden Tee 2015 will be here and it will be onto something new.

So let's head back to the LP with our Golden Tees in hand and see what we have in store. And maybe that elusive par-5 ace will be yours on Hole 18. Just maye.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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