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What Will You Be Swinging in 2015? Ol’ Birds 2.0 and a 2-Wood for Starters!

The launch of Golden Tee 2015 will provide an array of new features and game modes—some of which have already been highlighted on It will also bring us new high-performance clubs and balls.

Two new club sets and two new kinds of golf balls will be available for purchase. To give you an idea of what new options you will have to work with, we’re taking a few days to break down these wonderful new options.

And we’re starting with what you’ll be swinging.

Say hello to the Vulture and the Detonator. 1) Those names are lovely. 2) You’re about to have some unique options based off your style and what the course demands.

“We see what players like to use on various courses, study the data and build our clubs based off behavior,” Golden Tee course designer Jim Zielinski said. “This year we’ve hit on a few areas that we believe players are really going to be excited about.”

Let’s get to ‘em.



Does this sound familiar? It should. When you think of birds in Golden Tee, you immediately think of the Hawks, the infamous set of hybrids that might be the most popular set of clubs ever created. Consider the Vulture set a sequel of sorts; the only difference is that you’ll have some added loft options, and more specifically, a 6-wood.



Say hello to the 2-wood. Yes, Golden Tee is getting a new club, and it is capable of doing some things when you learn how to use it appropriately. With a Golden Tee equipped—either high or low—the 290-yard fairway wood can stay slow, can go high (and really far) and do things that no club has ever done in the game. It’s accompanied with a 4, 6 and 7-wood.

Be back tomorrow for a look at the new golf balls!

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