August Open Nearly Closed
Our Final Update Before Our Home Edition Victors Will be Revealed on Tuesday

The end of the beginning is near. And although the first-ever Golden Tee Home Edition contest is approaching its conclusion, we’re just getting started in this department.

Throughout the month of August, we gave Home Edition owners one specific task: grab as many birdies or better as you possibly can. That’s the theme of the August Open. Prizes include Golden Tee 2015 updates, gift cards, IT Bucks and GT gear.

Thus far, more than 160 (!!!!!!!!) Home Edition owners have played 25 games or more, which is wonderful. Seriously, wow. If you haven't played your 25 games yet (and you own an online GT Home Edition), be sure to play your 25 games. Two lucky players, regardless of birdies or better, will walk home winners of their own update simply for playing.

With the top 20 set to walk away winners—and time running out on this month—the latest standings are rather significant. August 31 is approaching quickly.

On Tuesday, we'll post the final standings for the contest. Enjoy the final stretch of the August Open, and may the birdies (or better) come in bunches.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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