Halfway Home
The August Open is Heating Up at the Midway Mark!

It’s hard to believe that our first-ever Golden Tee Home Edition contest is halfway complete, but the middle of the month is upon us. The August Open—our quest to crown the home owner with the most birdies or better in the month—has been incredibly popular to say the least.

Although we’re only halfway home, more than 100 (!!!) Golden Tee Home Edition owners have played at least 25 games this month already. That is, quite simply, remarkable.

For those of you just tuning in, the August Open is taking all GT Home Edition games, crunching the data and spitting out a leaderboard. Its focus is birdies or better with holes-in-one serving as a tiebreaker.

The top 20 players will walkaway winners this month. By now, most of you have scrolled down to see where you stand anyway—as of August 14—so let’s get to it.

Play and complete 25 games and you could win regardless of score. Two FREE 2015 Golden Tee updates will be raffled off to anyone that has hit this mark. You still have ample time to do so, even if your well behind in birdies.

Interested in joining in on future Home Edition events? Visit or contact us for more information on the Golden Tee Home Edition.

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