August Open Update
The Birdies (or Better) are Pouring in on GT Home Editions

Nearly 50 Golden Tee Home Edition owners have already played the 25-game minimum for the August Open, a sign of just how much buzz the first-ever home-exclusive contest has generated.

The name of the game remains simple (and the same). Whoever finishes the month with the most birdies or better has a chance at HUGE prizes, including free updates for Golden Tee 2015. A full rundown of the prizes can be found here, and the top 20 will walk away winners.

Play and complete 25 games and you could win regardless of score. Two FREE 2015 Golden Tee updates will be raffled off to anyone that has hit this mark. You still have ample time to do so.

And yes we have an updated leaderboard to share, which was generated on Thursday, August 7. Here’s where we stand after a week.

It’s not too late to get involved. If you own a Home Edition, knock out those birdies or better and be sure to complete your games. Only completed games will count. As for updates, we’ll have plenty more. Look for leaderboards on your game or here on

Don’t have a Golden Tee Home Edition but like what you hear? Check out all the details on or contact us for more information. We’re only getting started.

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