Course Caddy: Greek Hills No. 11
Can it be Driven? Yep. But Let's Turn Our Focus Elsewhere

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Greek Hills Hole No. 11

It can be driven.

We begin our assessment with this enormous par-5 by addressing a very unique opportunity, one that you should only attempt with a perfect wind, the right tee box and the right equipment.

Frankly, forget you even saw that. In fact, don’t even think about driving this green. Instead, let’s process how we’re going to Hole 11 in two. We begin with a slightly less meat-headed tactic, although force will still be involved.

With a good setup, you can drive the ball past the first fairway, past the small landing area (more on this in a second) and into the second fairway beyond the enormous hill guarding the green.

You’ll likely need a good wind and a high tee to do so, although it can be done. And if it can, you should take this avenue. The approach shot from here is much more manageable than the other options.

If this option isn’t there, the scenario becomes a bit more interesting.

The small landing area nestled between the two fairways is intriguing. Of course it is. But look elsewhere instead. The end of the first fairway will work just fine, and there’s room to loft a fairway wood of some kind or a low iron. Apply Backspin to ensure you stay in the fairway, and there’s no need to inch close to the very end. Being left on the fairway is much more important than being far.

From here, it will likely be a driver. And although you’ll be a long way from the cup, you’ll still have a solid look at the green. Perhaps, if all goes well, you’ll be able to do more than simply give yourself a putt.


There are various ways to tackle this hole, many of which are relatively safe in nature. Even if you’re slightly off on either your drive or your approach, a birdie isn’t the worst consolation prize.

How do you play?

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