Course Caddy: Greek Hills No. 16
With the End in Sight, This is Not the Place to get Cute

Welcome to the Course Caddy, a look at each and every hole in Golden Tee 2014. Over the next few months, we will spend each day looking at a different design, starting with Hole 1 on the first course and ending with the final hole on the final design.

We want—no, NEED—your help in this process!

How do you play a particular design? Share your thoughts on strategy and YouTube uploads in the comment section. Your feedback is integral in the complete understanding of the design.

All holes will then be available for reference on the Course Caddy page—a bookmark must for the entire encyclopedia! Enjoy.


Greek Hills Hole No. 16

The home stretch of Greek Hills begins with a devilish little par-4. It can—and has—been driven, although there’s not a consistent enough shot that makes it worth exploring. (Okay, fine. Hit an enormous C-3 around the trees on a close tee box, hope you hit a rock and see what happens.)

More than likely, however, you’re going to want to go left around the trees in front of the tee box and into the fairway. There are various ways to do this, of course, although you probably won’t want to use a driver. A fairway wood and a spot in the fairway should work just fine.

The approach is the money shot on the hole, and this will likely be where a birdie is won or lost. The substantial slope of the green will certainly play an enormous factor. Making it even more difficult will be the wind, which will almost certainly impact your shot in some way.

While the crosswinds can be difficult a strong wind in your face can make things more taxing. This, especially with a pin in the back part of the green, can be one of the more taxing shots on the course.

Regardless of where the pin might be located, the strategy should remain the same. Bite should be a useful tool for you on this hole, especially with a pin that you can comfortably go after.

If the crosswind is difficult, don’t be afraid to turn your golfer left or right to compensate accordingly. It doesn’t have to be pretty here, it just has to work. With winds upward of 12-to-14 mph, turning once can make your life much easier.


However you decide to play it, play safe and smart. There’s no sense being aggressive here, especially with the finish line in sight.

How do you play?

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