Course Caddy: Greek Hills No. 15
One of the Toughest Par-5s in Golden Tee, Period

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Greek Hills Hole No. 15

I feel comfortable declaring Hole 15 the most difficult—and potentially most dangerous—par-5 in Golden Tee 2014. It has water, a giant hill standing between you and the pin and strategically placed trees that can alter your approach into the green.

The wind will likely dictate how you attack this hole. If it’s moving from right to left, you can hit your ball over the water and around the hill. If it’s an out wind or left to right, you may have to try an outside-the-box approach.

The giant hill can actually be conquered. With a 4 or 5-wood, you can hit right into the top of the hill—avoiding the shrubbery at all costs—and bounce up and over onto the green. It is not a consistent approach, and bounces may vary.

If the other avenues seem out of play (and you don’t feel like laying up), however, it is an approach that will work.

But there are other ways, too. One particular path, the one least traveled, involves shooting beyond the fairway and into the rough on the right side. If the pin is located on the right side, you can actually have a straight-ish shot from this position if your tee shot is clear.

Again, this is not necessarily a common approach, but it is one we’ve seen work.

The most common approach on this hole is the obvious one; it also happens to be the most dangerous. From the first fairway, you can certainly hit your ball around the hill and onto the green. The problem here is: a) oh, that’s a lot of water b) seriously, look at that water and c) it is typically a difficult shot with little room for error.

But with the right A-1 and Backspin or Bite, your ball can get around, hit the green and spin to safety. Spin here will be enormous help to get you away from the water and being dry should be the name of the game. Then again, being dry and in the hole isn’t bad, either.


There’s no sugarcoating this hole: It’s difficult and an eagle will have to be earned. You have options in terms of how you come away with it, but trouble hovers. Play safe if you have to, because birdie on this hole will work better than most alternatives.

How do you play?

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