Course Caddy: Greek Hills No. 14
A Testy Par-4 That Should Be Tackled With Caution

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Greek Hills Hole No. 14

Hole 14 serves as a “make or break” moment in your round on Greek Hills. An eagle here could propel you to a strong finish; a water ball could be what derails your momentum as you approach the finish.

I suppose we should start with the obvious: laying up here isn’t the worst idea. That doesn’t mean we’re waving the white flag and encouraging you to do the same, we’re just pointing out that the tee shot here into this par-4 can be challenging. Well, yeah.

If you do go for it, you simply cannot miss left. Anything close to the water will likely trickle in with the left break, and thus your strategy should adjust accordingly.

Depending on where the pin is located, you have options. One of those options is equipping a high tee—and this will likely be a regular occurrence—in order to clear the trees guarding the tee box. This high tee will also produce a more controlled spin, which will certainly come in handy on this green. You don’t want your ball to rip here; you want it to land soft and stay precisely where it is.

What club you want to use will depend a great deal on the tee box and the wind. Typically, however, you’ll be hitting anywhere between a 3 and 5-wood, although that window—especially with Golden Tees in play—can be enormous.

You can also hit driver here—as seen below—but the shot becomes slightly more volatile.

The more likely shot will almost certainly be a 3-wood, and that extra loft can be crucial. With the right amount of cut—and Backspin or Bite—your ball can land on the green roll comfortably toward (or in) the pin.


The most important part about this tee shot is staying dry. In fact, you can attack the pin and also ensure that if you miss, you miss right. Obviously we all want an eagle, but we also don’t want to take birdie out of the equation. Go for it, but be smart about it.

How do you play?

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