Golden Tee 2015 Sneak Peek: Part 2
A Second New Course is Revealed; Be Here All Week

More 2015? More 2015.

The process of showing you each and every course along with all the exciting new features has begun, and we’ll be easing our way into this long, exciting process slowly.

We begin where we always begin: The new courses.

Names and locations will remain absent (for now), but the screenshots are very much a preview of what you’ll be playing in a matter of months.

Please keep in mind this familiar corporate disclaimer: These aren’t complete, elements will be added, some might even change and there is still work to be done here. With all that necessary jargon out of the way, this should give you a very good idea of what’s ahead. And after seeing just a glimpse to grab these images, you are going to absolutely love it.

Each day this week we will showcase a new course. By Friday, you’ll have seen images of all five 2015 courses and be thoroughly teased.

After showing you the first course yesterday, we're off to a new location today.

Enjoy (and click on the images to enlarge).

Want to see more? Tune in tomorrow for an early peek at a new 2015 course. 

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