Course Caddy: Greek Hills No. 18
Over, Under, Through or Around - We Close With Options

Welcome to the Course Caddy, a look at each and every hole in Golden Tee 2014. Over the next few months, we will spend each day looking at a different design, starting with Hole 1 on the first course and ending with the final hole on the final design.

We want—no, NEED—your help in this process!

How do you play a particular design? Share your thoughts on strategy and YouTube uploads in the comment section. Your feedback is integral in the complete understanding of the design.

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Greek Hills Hole No. 18

We close with a bang. That’s typically the case on Hole 18s in Golden Tee, and this lovely little Greek Hills finale is no exception.

The task will vary greatly depending on the tee box, although this hole has everything you’d expect out of an 18th hole: Water, more water, trees, sand, slope and, of course, a chance at an eagle or something more.

If you’re lucky on this hole, the scenario will be simplified. The front tee box takes the trees completely out of play. You’ll be left with a 190-230-yard shot free of obstacle, and you’ll simply have to avoid the water. Manage your distance, adjust the win and put on the right spin, and you can walk out of this shot relatively unscathed.

It won’t be easy in tough conditions, but it’s a shot you should hit with a high percentage. (Well, not the hole-in-one but the green.)

The other situations are a different story, and the back tee boxes will put you directly behind trees with very tempting openings.

Now, there are various ways to approach this shot if you want to drive the green. We’ve seen high-teed 9-woods, drivers purposely hit through the trees and other weird and wild ways to approach.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of the options… layup. No one will judge you for it here. If you’re comfortable enough, there are a few shots you can try depending on your club set.

The first is the most common and likely most consistent way to attack a tough hole. With a 3-wood or a low-teed 4-wood, you can actually go under and between the trees to get to the green. It is not easy—managing distance and direction to the extreme—and a miss here will likely result in a water ball.

But if your distance and spin are right, the shot could to follow could be just lovely.

The other way to attack this hole is by boat. Well, by skip. Yes, with a low iron, you are able to skip off the water and get to this green.

No, really.


The only problem with this shot is a) it’s really hard b) it’s really dangerous and c) it’s really hard and really dangerous. It can work, especially with some practice, but it will take practice and some virtual balls to get it right. It’s up to you if it’s worth it, but the option is there.

This hole can be very easy. It can also be very hard. You much you decide to risk it is up to you. However you decide to go, we wish you all the luck.

How do you play?

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