Classic Course of the Week Starts Monday!
We Kick Things Off on Bayou Bay! Here's Everything You Need to Know

Classic Course of the Week is back, bringing you 12 weeks of vintage Golden Tee action in the warm summer months. Test your skills on some of the most popular courses ever created and you can be rewarded with FREE Golden Tees and bar bragging rights.

First up: Bayou Bay, the swamp-packed creation from Golden Tee LIVE 2008.

You can find Bayou Bay, this week’s course—as well as the other courses to come—under “Classic Courses” at the Course Selection screen.

Play one game on the weekly course featured in Glory or Stats Play and you’ll be included on the online leaderboard. Don’t stop there, though. Play as many games as you’d like to improve your score. Only your best score will be posted.

The top 300 finishers will walk away with virtual equipment, just like last year. The Golden Tee payouts are as follows:

1st: 250

2nd: 150

3rd: 100

4th: 75

5th: 50

6th-20th: 30

21st-50th: 20

51st-100th: 15

101st-200th: 10

201st-300th: 5

Your best score between Monday, July 7 and Sunday, July 13 will go up against GT players around the world. The following Monday, the leaderboard will be wiped clean and a new course will take center stage.

You're going to want to bookmark This will be a popular place to be.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s a unique way to compete. Best of all, it’s the perfect bridge to Golden Tee 2015, which is suddenly right around the corner. Get your practice games in this weekend, and get ready for three months of classic courses. The fun starts on Monday.

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