Say Hello to Bear Valley
See the First Images of This Year’s Design-a-Hole Winner in Golden Tee 2015

This year’s Design-a-Hole winner, Bear Valley, is no longer a design. It is a living, breathing creation in Golden Tee 2015.

Granted, this is all still a work in progress. As I sat down to write this, Golden Tee course designer Jim Zielinski discussed some of the changes he plans on making to this hole. (Spoiler Alert: It involves trees, and you’ll likely see more of them, not less.)

But as a whole, Tony Snow’s drivable par-4 is nearing completion. The obstacle near the tee box is in place, the water has been given a sparkle and the green—which is perhaps the largest you’ll see in Golden Tee 2015—is one-of-a-kind.

In summary, this is a gorgeous golf hole that will be even better by the time Golden Tee 2015 comes around. We’re not waiting until then to give you a taste of what’s to come, though.

Here is an early look at Bear Valley in Golden Tee 2015.

(Click to enlarge)

We'll have much more on Bear Valley and Golden Tee 2015 to come. Stay tuned to for it all.

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