A Giveaway For the Dads
Play as the Vintage Father You’ve Always Wanted Thanks to the Latest Giveaway Code

You’ve seen our Mother’s Day Giveaway Code—a face that will prompt smiles and perhaps create nightmares—and now we’re adding the necessary other half.

With Father’s Day nearly here, it’s time to celebrate dads in the most amazing way possible: by giving away a headwear item you will never, ever forget.

The 2014 Father’s Day Giveaway Code is now live in Golden Tee 2014. To receive this special item, simply hit the options button at any point during a LIVE game and select “Giveaway Code.”

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter the code. To unlock your special vintage dad—as seen above—simply enter 32DADDAD15. That’s it, and your virtual closet will have yet another amazing item for you to pick from.

Dads, you deserve it. And now you have the matching item to Mother’s Day headwear you’ve always wanted.

Happy Father’s Day from Golden Tee.

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