The Two-Second Hole-in-One
Attacking the Short Greek Hills 17th With a Fairway Wood? Well, Sure

The Greek Hills 17th isn’t a long par-3. In fact, it’s one of the shortest designs in the history of the game.

Typically some sort of wedge will be required at the sharply sloped green, although the closeness of the pin doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy look at birdie. With a difficult wind, the shortness of the hole can actually serve as perhaps a more difficult challenge.

To combat that challenge, you can get creative. And that’s EXACTLY what the player did below, giving us the fastest hole-in-one in the history of YouTube.

A wedge into this hole? How about a fairway wood?

It’s a long-range chip, one that would have resulted in a spot in the sand if the pin hadn’t gotten in the way. But it did.

If you’re looking for a new way to try this hole with a difficult look—and you’re not worried about the possibilities of a par—give it a whirl. 

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