A 422-Yard Hole-in-One
Is the Longest Ace Record About to Fall? We're Getting Closer

From a two-second ace, to something so much more.

A 422-yard hole-in-one is impressive enough, so let’s get that out of the way now. That’s just a few yards short of the longest hole-in-one in history of Golden Tee—or at the very least, the YouTube era—and a long way to hit a virtual golf ball.

Most of the time we see a hole-in-one from this far out, however, the ball is just trickling toward the cup, hoping to extend one more revolution in order to get there. Not here, though. Not on this tee shot on Highland Links Hole 10.

A big curve, a great setup and a big hit provide one of the longest aces we will see this year. Better yet? This thing would have been good from 440+.

Something tells me the longest hole-in-one record is in jeopardy. Stay tuned.

(Also, enjoy this).


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