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The Greek Hills 18th Can Be Tough, But There is Another Way to Play

 If we were to craft a Golden Tee 2014 Hole Difficulty Power Rankings—and guess what, we’re doing this shortly—the Greek Hills 18th would certainly have a spot in the top five.

This hole is especially challenging when positioned at the tee box behind the well-placed trees, but the sloped green and surrounding water make this difficult to conquer each time through.

Hitting the green on the fly—maneuvering whatever ways are called for—is certainly an option. But it’s not the only option.

The skip can be done.

There, of course, is risk involved with trying to get your golf ball to bounce off water. A low tee can ensure that your ball does indeed skip, although the rest can be a bit of a mystery. In the instance of this particular shot, however, there was no mystery.

If you’re in need of options on this hole, this might be worth a try. Be sure to kiss your virtual golf ball before hand, just in case.

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