Ranking Reboot
The Golden Tee World Rankings are Now 2014 Ready

With the launch of 2014—as well as the launch of the month of October—comes a new era of Golden Tee World Rankings. The rankings are staying exactly as is; only the 2014 courses are now featured.

By now you know the requirements: Play one online game on each of the current courses, and you’ll automatically receive a ranking that will be displayed on the Online Leaderboard. This ranking will also appear in the top right hand corner of the check-in screen on your local game.

You can’t bookmark that, but you know it well.

Play more games and improve your ranking. Your top score on each course will be averaged to give you one overall score. A bad game won’t hurt you (just some pride, but your ranking won’t dip), while improved play throughout the month can have you sailing up the leaderboard.

Go for bar bragging rights, beat your buddies or see if you can work your way toward the top.

And if you haven’t played 2014 yet, we’ve got you covered as well. Find a 2014 game near you to check out the new courses, and get a ranking in the process.

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