Lookin’ Good
Your YouTube Moments Will Now Look That Much Better on Golden Tee 2014

Your Golden Tee Great Shots on Golden Tee 2014 are already improved, and you probably haven't even uploaded one yet.

Yes, the latest and greatest in the game you know and loved has shipped, and now it’s time for you to test out the five new courses for yourself. And as you attempt to conquer each design—hoping for a hole-in-one or double eagle to share—these moments will look better than they ever have.

The renderings of these YouTube uploads have received a significant upgrade, and the results are better looking, smoother replays of the shots that are worth celebrating.

“Without getting too technical, we took a long look at ways to improve the quality of these uploads and dramatically increased the frame rate on our end,” said Golden Tee project manager Brian Jandula. “All YouTube uploads now run much smoother and without a hitch, which means you can appreciate your finest Golden Tee efforts that much more.”

Don’t just take our word for it; check out one of the latest uploads in action. Yes, you’ll be seeing this particular 2014 effort on Shots of the Week, which will be coming to a cabinet near you early next week. 

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