The Game Has Shipped, Now What?
Looking to Track Down a Golden Tee 2014? Of Course You Are, and Here’s How

Golden Tee 2014 Ship Day has come and gone, and now the fun begins.

Games around the country are being updated, and the five new courses—along with the exciting new changes and features—will soon be enjoyed by the virtual golfing masses.

Looking to test out the latest update? Of course you are. And here’s what you should do to play it.

Find a Game is the ultimate resource when it comes to update time, and this useful online tool will let you know if/when games update in your area. You can use a variety of different methods to search, and there’s a good chance many of you have done this before.

Please keep in mind that this process takes time.

Although some games will be updated earlier than others, operators have plenty of stops to make before the majority of these locations have 2014. By the end of the week, most locations should be good to go. Some of you will be playing much sooner (even now) if a game nearby is early on the list.

The best thing you can do is to tune into Find a Game every so often—and do so when your boss walks away, because he or she may not like that—and determine if and when you’re updated. If you are, develop a sudden, fake cough and immediately head to the location of choice.

We’ll have much more on 2014 throughout the week, stay tuned to—as well as the GT Facebook and Twitter Pages—for updates!


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