Behind The Design: Greek Hills
Our 2014 Course Tour Concludes With a Beauty

The grand tour of Golden Tee 2014 courses has reached its final destination and what better way to go out than a trip to Greece. Oh, this one is fun to look at it. Just hit pause (making sure your buddy doesn't hit your shot), look around and enjoy the scene.

I mean, just look at that backdrop.

Greek Hills is last (but certainly not least) to get the behind-the-scenes treatment, one final sneak peek at the new creations before you get to test them out yourself. And unlike perhaps some of the other courses—whether it be lava or pot bunkers or some other location-specific surface—this course has a bit of everything.

No, there isn’t hot lava (it’s Greece) and the pot bunkers will stay where they are on the links-style course, but this challenge has a local feel with some traditional obstacles.

The result is an 18-hole adventure that could lead to a big score… if you’re on the mark.


The Subtle Challenges

There are no cheat codes to these designs, no secret tunnel under ground to get from Point A to Point B (aw, shucks). The obstacles scattered throughout are clear and obvious, but that doesn’t you can breeze right by or through them.

Whether it’s a well-placed group of bunkers on a par-5 or a grouping of trees guarding the direct path to the green on a reachable par-4, there’s subtleness about these challenges that is both inviting and deceiving.

The sand traps are where you'll likely miss (aw, shucks), while trees will require some maneuvering depending on both wind and tee box. Those Golden Tees of yours—the tees themselves, not the game—will come in handy here. Whether it’s to clear an obstacle with a high tee or maneuver around the tee box, this flexibility will come in handy plenty.

Don’t take them lightly; and I have zero doubts that you will.

About Those Drivable Par-4s

Perhaps this section is just an extension of the topical point above, although these specific designs warrant some extra mentioning. The possibility of a monster score is out there, that’s for certain.

Now, walking away with it unscathed is a different story.

The par-4s that setup to be reached in one vary in difficulty. Each will require a different form of attack—as is typically the case—although they can be attacked. The consistency between these designs, however, is that all present a rather intriguing case of Risk. Vs. Reward.

“The Subtle Challenges,” remember?

Whether it’s a small stream in front of the green after a long driver off the tee or a grouping of trees protecting an outlet to the promised land, the drivable par-4s will be where your score is won and lost. The opportunities are there, the challenges very reasonable, and now it’s just a matter of execution.

Ah, if only it were that easy always.

The 17th Hole

Ah yes, a classic par-3 closing hole. And they don’t get more classic than this.

Green, rough, sand and water. Oh, and a pin. That part’s important.

What I like about the 17th hole is that the strategy is quite clear. The green is sloped severely downhill toward the water, and therein lies the challenge. If you want to play it safe, however, you can. Going long into the sand and chipping it on is a fine idea depending on the setup, and there will undoubtedly be some challenging looks.

The wind, of course, is always at its toughest at this point in the game, and the shortness of the hole could make club selection interesting. You’ll likely have some sort of wedge in your hand, but you might be stuck between clubs.

If that’s the case, you’ll probably have to be creative. No worries, you've been in bigger pickles than this.

It’s not dazzling, it’s not overly unique, but it’s also not an easy birdie. The final par-3 has an identity you’ve seen before, and sometimes that’s a good thing.


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