Classic Look Back
Before We Turn the Page, Let’s Recap Classic Course of the Week

As the focus officially turns to Golden Tee 2014, it’s worth looking back on a summer the summer that was. More specifically, it’s worth diving into Classic Course of the Week, the 12-week extravaganza that concluded the day 2014 started shipping.

In total, more than 43,000 games were played on the courses in the weekly spotlight. The most popular course—by a significant margin—was the Bonnie Moor, the 2009 creation that has always been a fan favorite (thanks in large part to the low scores it produces).

No. 2 was the original creation Heather Pointe, followed by Falcon Sands, the Egyptian-themed design from 2011.

If you’re looking to see how you stacked up throughout the three-month contest, you can still do so. The Classic Course of the Week leaderboard is still live and you can sort through each contest.

Enjoy 2014, and we’ll see you next summer.

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