• The Results Are In
    Here is This Year's 'Classic Course of the Week' Lineup
  • Classic Course of the Week Voting!
    Pick Where You Want to Play! Day 1 of Voting is Here
  • Let’s Do That Again
    Jeff Sutyak Liked the Shot So Much He Decided to Do it Again
  • Golden Tee on The Golf Channel
    Celebrating 25 Years of the Game You Love
  • Behind the Design: Part 1
    From Rancho Saguaro to Bear Valley, Our DAH Winner Speaks
  • The Game Time Invitational
    Your Summer Golden Tee Tournament Circuit Heads to Indy This July
  • A Giveaway For the Dads
    Play as the Vintage Father You’ve Always Wanted Thanks to the Latest Giveaway Code
  • Recapping The PCC
    Andy Fox Prevails in One of the Game’s Most Rewarding Weekends Ever
  • LIVE at the PCC!
    The Biggest Golden Tee Tournament of the Year is Here; Watch It Here!
  • The PCC is Here
    Everything You Need to Know About the Biggest GT Weekend of the Year
  • Better Than Bears
    The Latest Edition of ‘Shots of the Week’ is LIVE!
  • Let's Close Strong!
    The Players Charity Championship is Here, And We’re Raising As Much Money As We Can!
  • The First of Its Kind
    Hole 11 on Pelican Grove is Aced for the Very First Time
  • Exploring the GT Caddy: Part 2
    Wait Until You See How Easy Finding a Golden Tee is Going to Be
  • The GT Home Edition Father's Day SALE
    We’re Celebrating Dads With HUGE Savings Plus Free Shipping on All Home Editions
  • We Need YOU!
    Donate to the PCC, and Get Back Special Golden Tee Gear!
  • And the Winner Is...
    Tony Snow's Bear Valley is This Year's Design-a-Hole Champ
  • Down to Three
    The 2015 Design-a-Hole Winner Will be Revealed on Monday!
  • PCC News, Ahoy!
    The $400 Fundraising Requirement Has Been Dropped; Don’t miss the GT Event of the Year
  • Shots Served Weekly
    The Best in the World of Golden Tee Youtubes, All in One Place
  • A Dunk to Rule All Dunks
    From the Sky to the Bottom of the Cup
  • The Design-a-Hole Lineup
    Which Design Do You Like Best? See the 10 Finalists Here!
  • This One's For You, Moms
    Don't Miss The 2014 Mother's Day Giveaway Code
  • Exploring the GT Caddy: Part 1
    The Golden Tee App Gives You In-Depth Access to All of Your LIVE Contest Happenings
  • Design-a-Hole Finalist: Choose Wisely
    The Final DAH Finalist is Revealed
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