Exploring the GT Caddy: Part 2
Wait Until You See How Easy Finding a Golden Tee is Going to Be

You know the routine.

Perhaps you’re on a business trip, and you just finished a long, arduous day of meetings. The only thing you want right now is a beer (or two) and a little Golden Tee.

But where can you find one?

The Find-a-Game feature on certainly works on your cellphone or tablet, but you want (and deserve) something more, something built for the trackball fan on the go. And now, thanks to the Golden Tee Caddy—our first-ever app, which will come to you FREE, of course—you have it.

You’ve seen the app, heard all about the LIVE Contest features, now get a glimpse at what Find-a-Game on the Caddy has to offer.

It begins with a simple search, using your location to find cabinets within a certain radius—that you can select—in your area. You can also search for other online IT games if you have the hankering for Silver Strike or PowerPutt.

From there, boom, locations. All the available games will show up, giving you options to pick from. You’ll see what version of the game a location is running to ensure you’re on the latest and greatest.

Not only will you see the list of locations, you’ll also exactly how far away you are.

Click on a particular location, and you’ll be taken to another screen highlighting that spot. You’ll have access to the necessary information, and most importantly, you’ll see where it’s located on Google Maps.

But we’re not stopping there; let’s take it one step further.

By selecting the direction icon, your GPS can be put to work. Don’t just search for the closest Golden Tee cabinets; let the Caddy take you there.

The ideal route to your cabinet will then come into focus, and you’ll know exactly what roads to take to get there. You can then let your device do the rest.

Ah, technology.

Find a Game is just one of many exciting features that will launch with the Caddy, which will debut on Android devices soon.

How soon? VERY, very soon.

Stay tuned.

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