Magnificence Awaits
Download or Update Your Golden Tee Caddy Today For Exclusive Features!

If you have not updated your GT Caddy—Golden Tee’s first-ever app—to the latest version, what are you doing?

And if you have not downloaded the app at all, my goodness, we need to talk.

Enhance your Golden Tee experience on your Apple or Android device. The Caddy allows you to immerse yourself in the game even when you’re not near a cabinet.

You have your stats, YouTubes, Contest history, news and Find-a-Game—the foundation of the app. Then we added ability to add money into your Player Account, known now as your Player Wallet.

But now you have so much more; now you have access to features that you don’t have anywhere else.

For starters, Dress Your Golfer returns in the form of the Player Locker. Not only can you alter the look of your golfer from your phone, but you can now purchase clothing for low, low prices. Been trying to win the cigar for years and tired of waiting? It’s now just a few clicks away.

The same can be said about equipment. The Pro Shop allows players the ability to purchase clubs, balls and tees from their mobile device. Even if they items aren’t available for purchase on the game, they’ll be available here. Any item that has ever made an appearance in LIVE will show up in the app.

As excited as these new additions are—and again, you really need to download or update these thing—we still have more to come.

Download the Caddy today and change the way you play Golden Tee for good.


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