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Giveaway Codes Before They're Released? The Caddy Has 'Em

We’ve spent each day this week telling you why you need to download the GT Caddy for your iPhone or Android device. For those of you who already downloaded the app, we’ve provided ample reasons why you should upgrade. Now we’re going to provide a little bit more.

Before we do, however, here’s what you missed.

Yes, you can now purchase clothing now—which is actually where we’re going with our latest news. You can also dress your golfer for the first time in a long time in the Player Locker.

It’s not just clothing. Enter the all-new Pro Shop and you can set and purchase equipment for your golfer. Need tees? Want to load up on golf balls? Clubs? It’s all at your fingertips.

For the passionate and determined Golden Tee player, however, we have more. While the following revelation won’t stop your trackball world from rotating on its axis, it is worth pointing out.

The two Giveaway Codes we had in store for the rest of the year are already available—if you’re so inclined to get them before they go live.

What are those codes you ask? Well, you have to download the Caddy to find out. (OK, fine. It’s a magnificent 4th of July shirt that is all sorts of AMERICA and an awesome dog’s head for the dog days of summer.)

Go get ‘em before we release them, and be sure to download the Caddy for your iPhone or Android device today.

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