Visit the Vista
Throwback Thursday is LIVE on the Daily Contest!

Pull of a pool chair, grab a tropical drink, shut off your phone and spend the day in paradise. Spend it on Coral Vista, today’s Daily Contest Throwback Thursday destination.

All you have to do is play—go to your local game and plays the Daily Contest as many times as you’d like before midnight central. You can hone in on the same conditions and better your score; only your best effort will count.

For those wondering about this mystery course named “Coral Vista,” you are likely not alone. Although it is no mystery. It’s an original, 2005 LIVE creation and offers a luxurious virtual golfing challenge. If you haven’t played it yet, now is the time.

Stay current with your scores with the GT Caddy or the Online Leaderboard.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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