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The Design-a-Hole Contest Nears a Close; Winner Announced Monday

The 2016 Design-a-Hole Contest is approaching the finish line.

A group of submissions that began well over 150 was narrowed down to 10. Now, after your feedback and another round of dissecting from our prestigious DAH judges, we’ve shortened this group once more.

Soon we will know which fan-created hole will be built in the game. Very soon.

Before we reveal the three designs still left in the contest, thank you to the finalists who were highlighted over these past few weeks. This was extremely difficult for the judges, and the designs were exceptional all-around. Whether you’re name is mentioned below or not, you’re walking away a winner. Expect to hear from us soon.

As for the three designs that made the final cut, here they are. On Monday, one of these three holes will become a piece of Golden Tee 2016?

Which hole would you like to see? Post your comments below.

No. 1: Albatross Landing (Par-5) by Patrick Loecker 


No. 2: Purgatory Resurrected (Par-5) by Dave Rhoades

This is the hole that you’ve been eagerly anticipating, Purgatory Resurrected, a 666 yard Par 5 with 3 insane routes to the green.  This hole is a tribute to my favorite bar in the Quad Cities, Purgatory’s Pub in Bettendorf, IA! 

Shaped like a 3-pronged Devil’s Spear with a halo water hazard around the green area, this Par 5 gives you many choices to the green.  Before teeing off I would suggest a short time of reflection and prayer (and a shot of Jack) because the chance of getting out of here without being crucified are slim.  The “Heavenly” route, up the hill and to the left, will give you a good view of the green and give you a good shot at getting home in two with a well placed drive and a long second shot to the green. 

The “Hellish” route takes you down to the valley of death. It entices you with a beautiful route to the green in two but it’s an uphill battle coming out of the rocky valley.  Then you have “Purgatory”, the land between Heaven and Hell, and it will ultimately decide your fate.  A very tight fairway, level with the green, will test your accuracy and ball control. 

The Purgatory Fairway has just enough curve that you will have to keep the ball moving in the right direction once it lands to give you a shot to the green.  The green area is guarded by a Halo shaped water hazard and will baptize any shots coming in short of the green. The green itself is shaped like a rising Phoenix coming out of the ashes.  It slopes from back to front (UP 9) and right to left (Left 6). 

To all my Golden Tee Brethren: Choose your path....Heaven, Hell, or let Purgatory decide your fate.

No. 3: Countryside Lake (Par-5) by Eric Manfredi

This par 5 outlines a small body of water with plenty of trees surrounding the lake.  Off the tee you will find yourself with several different options, each requiring its own shot type.  There will be some strategy involved as wind and pin location will definitely factor into your decision.

The first option is all about power and accuracy as you will be forced to carry your ball 365yds to a thin landing area on the second fairway.  Placement on that landing area is important as you will have to navigate your ball between 2 trees in order to find the green.  The next option is taking your ball onto the island landing area.  From there you will have a shorter shot towards the green but tree trouble will make it difficult to find the right side of the green.  The last option available to you off the tee is making a slight bend to the left onto the landing strip.  Although there is more risk going this route, the payoff is being able to work with the entirety of the green.  Getting further down the strip will be beneficial as you will improve your angle and distance with the chance to give yourself a straight shot into the green.

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