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Thanks to the GT Caddy, Any Club Set Ever Created Can be Yours

It’s a request that came into weekly—if not daily—this year from curious players looking for an edge.

How do I get the Howitzers?

The Howitzers, for those unaware, are high-performance clubs in Golden Tee and one of the first sets we ever created. Up until this year, they were pretty unpopular. That was before Hole 1 on Desert Valley came along and the high-lofted driver showcased what it was capable of.

Behold the glory of loft.

Complicating matters further is the fact that the Howitzers are not available purchase on Golden Tee 2015. Although, thanks to the GT Caddy—Golden Tee’s first-ever app—the set that everyone is talking about is just a few clicks away.

The latest update for the Caddy gives you complete control of your golfer’s look and equipment. Want to purchase a club set you don’t own or can’t find? The Caddy gives you instant access. Then, once you’ve purchased the club set(s) and golf ball(s) you want, you can set them as you your default club set and play with them your next round.

If you haven’t downloaded the Caddy yet, be sure to do so. It is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

                       Golden Tee Caddy Apple Store Badge                                 Golden Tee Caddy Google Play Badge

If you already have the app, be sure you have the latest update. With the things still to come, you won’t want to miss out.

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