Course Caddies: Pearl Lagoon No. 8
Simple Yet Hard to Master - a Gorgeous Par-3

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Pearl Lagoon No. 8

Of all the simple par-3s you’ve ever played—and Hole 8 on Pearl Lagoon is as straightforward as they come—this one, while friendly, also is an elusive little bugger.

Now, don’t view it as threatening. There is no true danger here. There is no hazard, no opportunity to blow up your scorecard and no real obstacles to fear. There is sand surrounding the green—something to be mindful of—although even this shouldn’t come into play.

There is no reason you shouldn’t walk away with a birdie here; let’s get that out of the way.

And yet, getting close to (or even in) the cup feels more difficult than it needs to be. It’s the small variety in the wind, the elevation changes and perhaps the shape of the green. While there’s no reason not to be on top of the hole here, often times you’re further away than you’d hope.

As long as it results in a birdie, it doesn’t really matter. A two on the scorecard is the name of the game.


What you should avoid is the obvious: missing the green is surprisingly easy, and it will leave you with a chip. The chip won’t be difficult, although there’s no reason to ever be off the short stuff. While you should be aggressive here, you shouldn’t risk giving away one of the last easy holes in the round.

Give this hole a good run—allow your ball to release or spin it back with a front pin—but don’t forget the overall goal: birdie in the bigger picture is what you’re after. If you can secure that, you’ve done what you’ve came to do.

How do you play?

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