Course Caddies: Pearl Lagoon No. 14
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Pearl Lagoon No. 14

I want to tell you to be aggressive. I want to tell you that, with the right setup, Hole 14 on Pearl Lagoon should be the one you really go after. But deep down I know that aggression on this two-shot par-4 can lead to some really bad results. Still, the opportunity exists to do something rather spectacular here.

Let’s dive deeper.

The final hole before the homestretch offers up elevation, lots of water and an approach shot that can be favorable if the conditions align just right. There are no secrets to consider here—although there is a mystery fairway a turn or two left you may not even know existed. Did you know it was there?

In general, however, this hole is all about hitting the fairway, hitting the green and approaching the final four holes with some momentum. The approach on this design is everything. Uphill a great deal, it will almost certainly require more club, especially if you have a neutral wind.

If you have a strong wind in your face—and it happens quite often here—you may need to go up one, two or even three clubs. If it’s a massive crosswind, you’ll have to manage direction and distance. How you go about doing this will depend in large part where the pin is located.

This is the part of the piece where I advise you to proceed with caution. When the pin is tucked up in the front of the green, you need to be mindful of your strategy. Of course you want to holeout—and you can get the ball really moving toward the hole—but the long drop below into the water is precisely what you cannot afford here. A trip to the hazard out of greed simply cannot happen, no matter how good the look might be. The green’s slope adds to this caution portion.

As a result, approaching this shot with bite—playing safer than you have to—isn’t the worst idea.

When the pin is in the back part of the green, you can be a bit more flexible. Bite is still an option here, although approaching it with no spin at all—or even roll—works too.

The uphill nature of the green actually helps you in this instance.


However you tackle this hole, don’t fall for the trap and end up destroying your scorecard before you have to. This hole doesn’t warrant TNT. There is still ample time for that.

How do you play? 

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