Course Caddies: Pearl Lagoon No. 11
There are Three Ways to Play This Gorgeous Par-5

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Pearl Lagoon No. 11

When I originally filmed the Course Caddy for Hole 11 on Pearl Lagoon, I thought I had it all figured out. It became quickly apparent, however, that my path on this par-5—which you will see below—was not the optimal, round-to-round way to attack this hole.

It works, and it is absolutely an option, although it’s not the only option or the best option. There are three separate ways to attack this hole, and each comes with its own amount of risk.

Let’s start with what I planned to tell you what to do—hit it on one of the small islands surrounded by water and then hit an approach around the rock and into the green.

This method works just fine. The islands are reasonable in size and can be tackled with a lofted wood. But the risk here is incredibly high, which is why—despite what I am about to show—I suggest trying a different way.

But let’s not get to the way just yet; let’s explore another option.

By simply hitting straight ahead to the very end of the fairway—and be sure not to end up in the rough—you can also reach the green. This tactic works best when the pin is one the left side of the green or you have a left-to-right wind.

Although you’ll be left with a much longer shot (probably a driver), the path exists.

The most logical way to attack this hole, however, is a few turns away. Yes, the small fairway island to the right of the hole—essentially a right turn off of the tee—provides a safe, manageable way to attack the cup.

This fairway is still surrounded by water and the hazard can come in play if you’re not careful, although the landing area provides ample wiggle room.

From here, your strategy into the green will vary. You may have to bend your second shot around the rock obstacle if the pin is positioned on the left side; you may have a straight shot that you can close to the hole.


It’s not the only option, but round-to-round it is the best option. And with time, you’ll grow comfortable with both the shots into the fairway and shots into the green. Eagle is all yours.

How do you play? 

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