Course Caddies: Pearl Lagoon No. 12
Outside of One Diabolical Pin Placement, It's All Systems Go

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Pearl Lagoon No. 12

Hit the reset button; you earned it. This relatively uneventful par-3, Hole 12 on Pearl Lagoon, was made for you. All you have to do now is go out, hit on the green—preferably close—make the putt and move on.

It sounds so simple, and in many ways it is. Although there is gorgeous tropical water in the photo, you really don’t have to worry about it here.

This hole is straightforward, which you appreciate. Perhaps the most notable element to be mindful of is the severe slope downward on the green. Outside of this, there isn’t much trouble to speak—at least with most pin placements.

For such a simple hole, strategy will vary. If the pin is tucked near the top of the green, you’ll want to use backspin. The slope will carry your ball downward—even with bite—and you’ll need the spin.

When the pin is in the middle or back part of the green, you have far more options. Bite or no spin at all certainly both work, although you never want to be too aggressive and roll through into the rough.

There is a way to play both smart and aggressive—you’ll have that opportunity here.


On occasion, the pin will be placed in the back left portion of the green. This is where you must be careful. It’s easy, in these instances, to miss the green entirely by being too aggressive with your tee shots. Just by barely missing and hitting the fringe, your ball will soar past the place you want to be. At that point, par is almost a foregone conclusion. This is where the hole can grow unexpected teeth.

Situational aggression—that’s what you should exercise here. Take advantage of the fact that the water is out of reach. That won’t be the case from this point on.

How do you play?

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