It's Caddy Time!
Golden Tee's First-Ever App Hits the Google Play Store on Tuesday

The Golden Tee Caddy—the game’s first-ever companion app—will officially hit the Google Play Store on Tuesday. Yes, next Tuesday. And yes, it’s FREE.

We’ve talked about it, you’ve seen it, and some of you were even Beta testers. Now Android users will be able to experience the best the Caddy has to offer, and it will debut with quite a bit.

Access to LIVE Contests, in-depth stat-tracking, Find a Game, YouTube uploads, instant notifications and so much more will all come to you live—24/7—on the GT Caddy. Use it while you play, check it long after you’ve left, and watch your phone alert you when your contest has closed.

And the best part of all this? We’re just getting started. We have exciting plans for features and additions to the app that we’ll get to in time, and we will. First, however, we will finish the Apple version of the Caddy, a process that is in full swing now that the Android version is out the door.

As for what to expect come Tuesday, we’ll have a full rundown of everything the app has to offer and how you can get it.

See you then.

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