Exploring the GT Caddy: Part 1
The Golden Tee App Gives You In-Depth Access to All of Your LIVE Contest Happenings

The Golden Tee Caddy is coming.

By now, you’ve heard about the game’s first-ever app, some of you might be even testing out a Beta version of the Caddy—providing feedback and information that will aid the development further.

The release of Android version is approaching; the Apple version is being worked on feverishly at this very moment.

For those new to the app, however, we’ll be providing an in-depth look at some of the various features you can expect once the free app hits. To kick things off, let’s examine the LIVE Play aspect of the app.

Login, search for LIVE Play in the Menu, and the first screen you’ll see is this.

Your most recent contests will pop up, giving you an overview of your LIVE play over the past 50 games. Curious about checking out an individual contest? Just click on one—any one—and you’ll be taken to this screen.

Welcome to your contest. Review the results if it’s a day or so old, or hit the refresh button in the top portion of the screen and watch your name (hopefully) stay atop the leaderboard.

Regardless, of where you move, you’ll see it all happen in real-time.

Want more information on this specific game? Certainly. Just slide your screen right and you’ll be greeted with your hole-by-hole analysis.

Where did your game go right? Where did it go wrong? See an in-depth path of your round and where you picked up valuable Great Shot Points.

Need more information? Slide right once more. 

Holes-in-one, sand saves, longest drive, putts… you name it, you’ve got it. All the detailed contest info you could possibly need, you now have access to.

And that’s only one contest.

You’ll have this kind of access to every LIVE game you play—Prize, Glory and Stats Play. Whether you’re dying to know if you placed in the top 20 of a contest, or you simply want to know how many putts you took in a record-setting round, you will now know.

All from your phone.

We’ll have much more on the Golden Tee Caddy features soon. Stay tuned to for much more.

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