The GT Home Edition Father's Day SALE
We’re Celebrating Dads With HUGE Savings Plus Free Shipping on All Home Editions

Dads, you deserve it. You know you deserve it. So don’t bother trying to convince yourself otherwise.

You’re great at what you do—being a dad—which is why it’s time you treat yourself or nudge someone to treat you accordingly. It’s time you get a Golden Tee Home Edition, and we have a sale just for you.

Forget about the $4,000 price tag and costs of having a game shipped to you. Between now and Father’s Day (June 15), we’re offering the GT Home Edition for $3,695 AND… wait for it… free shipping.

Like we said, you deserve it. And even if you're not a dad, you deserve it anyway.

With this purchase and the online subscription comes a wealth of goodies: 45 courses, LIVE play, stat-tracking, high-performance equipment access, YouTube uploads and so much more. The same game you know and love at the bar can be yours for a price that makes sense.

So what are you waiting for? Visit to learn more about the GT Home Edition and all of the incredible features that come with it.

Have questions or ready to order? Contact us and we’ll get you squared away.

Make this the Father’s Day you’ll never forget.

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