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  • Shots of the Week: Ramping Up
    YouTube Moments That Matter—the Latest and Greatest Golden Tee Showcase
  • Ranking Reboot
    With the 2014 Courses Taking Center Stage, We Look Back at the First Month of GT World Rankings
  • Take Me to Your Leader
    When Aliens Attack, Golden Tee Golfers Have Only One Choice to Make
  • The GT Home Edition Holiday Sale
    $500 Off AND Free Shipping! Now More Reasons to Bring Golden Tee 2014 to YOU!
  • Homeward Bound
    The Golden Tee 2014 Home Edition is Now Available
  • Ramping Up
    The Long Road to the Hole-in-One Can Now Include a Trip Up and Off a Rock
  • Your Perfect Costumes
    Celebrate Today By Dressing Your Golfer in Some of Our Halloween Gear
  • Calling Glass
    Overshot But Not Out, the Joys of Pot Bunkers Surface Yet Again
  • Show-Me Shots
    Watch The Latest and Greatest in the World of Golden Tee 2014
  • Full Speed Ahead
    No Big Hook, No Problem! Golden Tee’s Longest Hole-in-One Record Nearly Falls
  • Skip Right to it
    The Greek Hills 18th Can Be Tough, But There is Another Way to Play
  • On a Roll
    Mark Stenmark Wins Big (Again) at Club Lucky’s Tournament of Champions
  • Here's to 25K
    The GT Facebook Page Reaches a Major Milestone, and It's Time to Celebrate
  • The Home Stretch
    2014, Updates, Awesome Draw Winners and More—an Exciting Time for the GT Home Edition
    The Latest Halloween Giveaway Code is LIVE in Golden Tee 2014
  • Finding an Approach
    Examining The Various Paths Taken on the Greek Hills 15th
  • Recapping Richmond
    The NIV 11 Has Come and Gone, and a Familiar Face Takes Home the Title
  • Tackling Pelican Two
    A Fascinating Journey Through the Trees is Discovered
  • The Need for Speed
    Now THIS is How You Attack the Pelican Grove 18th
  • Shots of the Week: Navigating 2014
    The Latest and Greatest in the World of Golden Tee
  • A 422-Yard Hole-in-One
    Is the Longest Ace Record About to Fall? We're Getting Closer
  • The Two-Second Hole-in-One
    Attacking the Short Greek Hills 17th With a Fairway Wood? Well, Sure
  • A Little Bit of Everything
    This Golden Tee 2014 Great Shot Has it All
  • Ranking Reboot
    The Golden Tee World Rankings are Now 2014 Ready
  • Bring 2014 to YOU
    Order a Golden Tee Home Edition and Get the 2014 Shipped to You FREE of Charge
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