LIVE From Houston!
Power Events' Final Tournament of 2015 is Underway! Watch it Live!

The year’s final Golden Tee tournament weekend is here. Power Events’ Houston Holiday Classic—being held at Jake’s Sports Bar—is underway.

Two champions will be crowned this weekend: the Houston Holiday Classic Champion and also a Player of the Year, a second event that will take place Sunday night with the year’s top 32 players going head to head.

There’s still time to compete in one of the many events taking place at Jake’s this weekend. OR you can watch some of the live action here. Power Events will have a live stream of some of the weekend’s best matches, and we will be sure to relay that feed when it’s up and running.

For more details on the weekend’s events, check out our full preview. Be sure to also visit for more.

It should be a wonderful weekend. Be sure to tune in on Monday for a full recap. 


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