Super Sale Crunch Time
You Have Until December 14 to Ensure Your GT Home Edition Arrives Before the 25th!

We’ve reached crunch time of the holiday shopping season, whether you believe it or not. And if you want to secure that your Golden Tee Home Edition arrives before December 25, you have until December 14—our own personal crunch time—to ensure that this happens.

The exact same game you know and love is on sale. It may not fit under any tree or down any chimney, but that should not be your chief concern. Getting Golden Tee in your home—the anchor of any man cave or basement—should be priority No. 1.

Heard enough and want to get the jump? You can contact us right now.

Or you can hear more. Like the fact that the 2016 Home Edition comes equipped with 55 courses and a wealth of game modes. Bring it online, and you’ll have access to online contests, stat-tracking, high-performance equipment, the goofy clothing you’ve grown to love, YouTube uploads and more.

The game is loaded. Whether you’re competing against your neighbor or comparing stores with a buddy across the country, the Golden Tee Home Edition gives you this option.

And did we mention we’re having a big ol’ sale? And did we mention that the calendar suddenly isn’t on our side?

For more information on the GT Home Edition, including pricing, videos, features and more, visit Interested in hearing more or placing an order? Let’s chat; contact us here.

There is still time, although it’s running low. If you want the present of a lifetime to make it in time, be sure to secure your Home Edition before December 14.


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