Golden Tee 2013: Closing In
We’re Less Than Two Weeks Away From Ship Day, Here’s What You Need to Know

Golden Tee 2012’s days are numbered. It’s been nearly a full year of the update, and while you’re still undoubtedly trying to top your best overall scores, you only have a few more weeks to do so. GT 2013 will begin shipping on Friday, September 28th and the following week will be all about the latest and greatest in GT 2013.

You may now begin to fist-pump in front of your wife, boss or friend.

We have more news items to come when it comes to 2013, but we’ve also been jam-packed with content up until this point. If you’ve missed anything up until now, we’ve got good news for you.

Here are the must-see 2013 news item in one place. Look for our Bear Lodge course preview this week and stay tuned for so much more as we ready for launch!

Almost. There.

Hands on with Jackrabbit Junction

Hands on with Coconute Beach

The First Dunk of 2013

A Casual Enhancement

Hands on with Cape Haven

First YouTube of 2013

The Sweet Sound of GT 2013

GT 2013: Hands on With Sequoia Grove

Golden Tee 2013: Introducing CupCam

The Game Has Never Looked So Good


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