• Last Call For 2013
    ‘Shots of the Week’ Celebrates the End of an Update in Style
  • The NIV 11
    The PEGT Tour Heads to Richmond For GT 2014, Free Food and Free Beer
  • Last Classic Call
    Laurel Park Closes Out the Classic Course of the Week Fun, Just in Time for 2014
  • Brian Urlacher on Golden Tee
    The Recently Retired NFL Star Talks About His Favorite Bar Game
  • A Look From Above
    This Ridiculous Par-3 Ace Has The Perfect Camera View For Your Enjoyment
  • Balls To (And Over) The Wall
    Classic Course of The Week has hit the Final Stretch! To Great Wall We Go
  • A Front Nine For the Ages
    19 after Only 9 holes? Oh yes, that Happened
  • When Nature Dunks
    Shots of the Week are Back with Special Rock and Cacti Cameos
  • World Ranking Rewind
    Looking Back at August and Looking Ahead to the Final Monthly Battle on 2013
  • We Meet Again, Old Friend
    Black Hills Takes Center Stage as the Classic Course of the Week
  • It’s Worth a Shot
    A Rock on the Jack Rabbit 17th Could Be Your New Best Friend
  • Cacti Dunk
    No Green Necessary; Just One Shot, One Cactus and One Ridiculous Ace
  • Going Low at the Cove
    Cypress Cove is Next Up For Classic Course of the Week
  • Denver Open Recap
    "Dannyboy” Takes the Title at Power Events' Fourth Tourney Stop
  • Rock it, Man.
    The Bar Has Been Raised on the Jack Rabbit 18 Absurdity
  • Tight Near the Top
    Next Time Someone Says Points Don’t Matter, Show Them This
  • Let’s Hear From the Monkey
    Shots of the Week Returns, and Our No. 1 Shot Get a Magnificent Animal Assist
  • Yet Another Path to Take
    An Unintentional Path Presents Itself on the Sequoia 18th
  • Showing You The Way
    The Sequoia Grove 17 Can be Conquered, Although Rarely Does it Happen Like This
  • 468 Yards Later…
    There are long drives, and then there is this attempt from Marc Muklewicz
  • On Pointe
    Classic Course of the Week Goes to Heather Pointe, an Original Gem
  • Swerving ‘Round Sequoias
    A Fascinating Shot (And Ace) on a Fascinating Hole
  • Power Events’ Denver Open is Fast Approachin’
    Participate in One of the Biggest Golden Tee Tournaments of the Year AND Get a Sneak Peek at GT 2014
  • Monkey See, Monkey Cheer
    An Amazing YouTube Moment Earns Some Appreciation From a Friend
  • Putting By Pyramids
    We’re Off to Egypt For Our Next Classic Course of the Week
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