Showing You The Way
The Sequoia Grove 17 Can be Conquered, Although Rarely Does it Happen Like This

I’ll be honest; I thought we’d see more Super Albatrosses on the Sequoia 17 at this point in the year. Although there are a limited number of aces on this hole, there certainly are a handful. None of them, however, likely compare to the shot that was just added to the catalog.

Getting through the minuscule opening is the most important thing—this is how you stay dry—but what happens next will determine just how close you will get.

In the case of “Drunker Than U”—a fitting Golden Tee name given the circumstances—two giant trees get the assists here. Oh, you will see this shot again, that’s for certain, and again, the name plays quite nice.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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