Extreme Clothing Makeover
Managing Your Virtual Items in Golden Tee Just Got a Whole Lot Easier in 2014

If you’ve been playing Golden Tee for a while, there’s a distinct possibility you’ve outgrown your virtual wardrobe.

Your closet is now filled with hundreds of different virtual items, ranging from the ridiculous, to the flashy, to the attire for the average golfer. Over time, you’ve acquired a lot of it, and maneuvering through your entire clothing catalog can be time-consuming exercise.

Well, it was. But not anymore.

In Golden Tee 2014, your virtual closet has undergone a massive overhaul. We’ve gutted the old one, and we’ve put in this massive walk-in closet that your wife will… probably still ignore, let’s be honest here.

You, however, will love it.

Gone are the days of sorting through each individual shirt or hat. These menus have been rebuilt, and they now include 12 different items on one screen. More choices, more options, all on one page.

“Since 2005, players have acquired a lot of virtual clothing, and we wanted to make all of these earned items more accessible,” Golden Tee project manager Brian Jandula said. “And we think the new clothing menu design that will debut this fall will do just that."

Sort from screen to screen and find the item that suits you on that day. And yes, there will be plenty of new unlockable items in Golden Tee 2014—including the debut of the cigar.

We'll have much more on Golden Tee 2014. Stay tuned to for it all.

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